Wastebits February Update 2022

Wastebits February  Update 2022

Welcome to the Wastebits February Update, where we share updates with our software and services for the waste industry. For our first update, we'd like to highlight some of the recent items we've been rolling out across a few of our products.

If you are interested in a demo of any of these features, click here to select a time slot.

Wastebits Insights™ is Now Free to Existing Wastebits Subscribers


A $199/mo value is now added FREE to subscribers to Wastebits. Now you can gain detailed insights and custom reports for waste handlers in the US.


Introducing Regulated Waste Turnkey Solutions


If you run an MSW and/or C&D business and are looking to expand your service offering into Special and/or Regulated Waste services, Wastebits has turnkey solutions where we provide the back-end support as well as the technology that you need safely and compliantly grow your business.


Need to Print Manifests? We've Got You Covered


Digital manifests are awesome, but sometimes you need a print copy, so now you can print manifests directly to existing manifest forms, and all the data will line up!


Wastebits Now Supports Hazardous Label Printing


Tired of filling out waste labels by hand? Wish you could just print them right from our software? Now you can! Multiple options and templates are available.


Wastebits Insights™ Updated with Saved Search Feature


If you find yourself filtering out the same fields over and over, now you can save them and review your filtered waste handler information with one click!


Interested in a Demo?

Interested in a demo or discussing how Wastebits can help your business? Click here to view a list of available time slots and select one that is convenient for you!