Wastebits Develops Free Digital Manifest Software in Response to COVID-19

Wastebits Press Release

Akron, OH - Wastebits announced today the release of a digital manifest solution to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 on paper manifests and is giving away access to the software for free—without the need to create an account.

A physical paper manifest can pass between hands up to 50 times from the waste generator to the facility that accepts the waste. Along the way, transporters, service providers, and scale house operators need to access the same sheet of paper and typically break the CDC’s recommended 6-foot social distancing. Additionally, the typical printed manifest is created with a dot-matrix printer on 5-ply carbon paper. With many employees now working from home, this type of equipment is simply not available.

In response to these issues, Wastebits formed a dedicated COVID-19 response team of designers and developers to create an online solution that allows anyone responsible for creating waste manifests to fill out the manifest details online, and then receive a unique link for that manifest to share with the other parties involved in the waste stream. Each party can digitally sign the manifest and save a PDF copy for their records. At no point during this process does a physical paper need to be handed back and forth, and if a copy needs to be printed, a standard home printer is all that is needed.

While digital manifests are one part of the broader software platform provided by Wastebits for enterprise waste companies, this digital manifest solution is an entirely separate product optimized for fast and easy use without the need to create an account or enter any payment information. Wastebits’ goal is to provide a secure alternative to paper manifests and achieve rapid adoption, helping waste companies stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic and into the future.

The free manifest solution can be accessed at https://wastebits.com/free-manifest

About Wastebits

Wastebits is a software as a service (SaaS) company serving the waste industry. Wastebits provides solutions to manage waste streams, approvals, manifests, and scale ticket data combined into a single software platform. With data analytics and user management tools, waste companies can communicate with their customers and vendors like never before, while gaining unparalleled insight into their business data and eliminating the need for paper-based systems.

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