Announcing new VP of Sustainability: Melissa Puchalla


We are pleased to announce that Melissa Puchalla has joined Wastebits as our new Vice President of Sustainability. Melissa brings a wealth of experience to this role, with a background in global supply chain compliance and ESG strategy. In her new position, Melissa will lead our sustainability efforts and drive the development of new initiatives that align with our mission of reducing waste and promoting sustainability. Before joining Wastebits, Melissa served as Director of Supply Chain Compliance for a global industrial & construction supply distribution company, where she was responsible for developing and implementing enterprise-wide risk mitigation and ESG solutions to hundreds of national and government customers.

Melissa shared her thoughts on the importance of genuine sustainability efforts, stating, “There are a lot of companies that say that they want to go green, but often don’t know what that means or where to start. Companies are looking at every angle of their operations and supply chain to understand the impact they have on the environment and are asking their suppliers and stakeholders to be a part of the solution. As a result, many reputable manufacturers have partnered with specialized recycling companies to present end of life solutions. This helps promote repair, reuse, recycling or disposal in an environmentally-friendly way. Companies are struggling to define the value of this but also ensure that it helps the long term goals they’ve set for 2030.”

There are a lot of companies that say that they want to go green, but often don't know what that means or where to start.

Listen, Learn, Apply

Melissa’s framework for helping customers is “listen, learn, and apply.” Taking her experience and knowledge of creating diversity and sustainability goals and implementing practical solutions. A typical scenario she would encounter time and time goes something like this:

  1. Our organization has sustainability goals and we’re struggling to streamline ways multiple sites can make an impact. 
  2. SEC or customer demands are demanding commitment and follow through so we need to act now. 
  3. The organization is committed but unsure where to start.

As our new VP of Sustainability Solutions, Melissa will be applying this framework to Wastebits customers to help them meet and exceed their sustainability goals as they relate to waste both today and as they declare initiatives for the future.

Melissa shares: “I’ve seen the ebbs and flows of ESG for 15 years. I’ve watched it evolve and have been talking publicly about it while watching the US lag behind the EU on so many regulations. Typically, it happens in the EU, trickles into Canada, California, and a handful of other states before finally being a nationwide requirement. Often customers demand alignment before it is required, and the companies that lead have a clear plan already in place. The service providers and suppliers to these customers that understand these demands and add value in this space will stand out as preferred partners.”

2023 and Beyond

It can be unclear how to keep up with regulations on many levels, depending on the localities in which a company does business. We are excited to have Melissa help guide our offerings to empower organizations to understand and implement solutions that are easy to adopt with minimal friction.

When asked about her goals for the upcoming year, Melissa stated: “What is exciting about 2023 is that we will level up some aspects of the Wastebits offering. Before coming on board, I was already impressed with how user-friendly the software is. Wastebits has been providing sustainability solutions to customers but haven’t labeled them as such. I’m excited to help grow that aspect of the business: the messaging, assisting customers with meeting their ESG and hazardous waste compliance goals using Wastebits, and helping Wastebits as a powerhouse solution for sustainability initiatives.”

We believe Melissa is the perfect fit for this role and are confident she will be a valuable asset to our team. Please join us in welcoming Melissa to the Wastebits team, and we look forward to working with her to make Wastebits a leader in sustainability solutions.

Interested in Sustainability Solutions?

Unsure if Wastebits is what you need? Ask yourself these questions and book a demo if you want to learn more:

  1. Does your organization generate waste? 
  2. Is your organization filing to the EPA for hazardous waste today? 
  3. Does your organization have sustainability goals?
  4. Are you a waste broker or supplier trying to offer a recycling program?

These are just a few scenarios where Wastebits is powering sustainability and hazardous waste compliance through technology solutions, easing the burden and delighting customers. How can we help you? Book a demo today.

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