Released: Enhanced Notification Views

Enhanced Notification Views

For Wastebits waste profiling software users, notifications are an indispensable way to quickly view the latest activity from customers and members of their team. For smaller companies, simply listing the missed notifications is manageable. Still, the notifications can pile up quite quickly and be challenging to sort through and manage for some of our larger customers. 

We've addressed this situation with the latest release of Wastebits by redesigning the notification view to allow for a couple of different display options, greater details within the notifications, along with the ability to search and filter messages quickly to focus on those that need to take priority or lead to actionable tasks.

Wastebits Notification Views


Users can now filter notifications based on read status, type, subtypes, and specific filters that change based upon the notification type. So, for example, filtering Waste Stream notifications will also allow you to filter by City and State, whereas selecting Waste Stream Comments will enable you to further refine by entering a user's first or last name. 

Early feedback on this new feature has been positive, saving our users more time than ever before in managing their active tasks and retrieving older notifications, quickly linking to documentation needed at the moment. 

For more information about this feature, you can read the release notes, or for a demo on how Wastebits can help manage your waste streams, manifests, and more, select a time slot on our calendar. We're happy to explore solutions together!