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What Is The Best Way To Dispose Of Hazardous Waste?

Hazardous Waste

Every business produces waste, but if your organization creates hazardous waste such as oils, fuels, or chemicals, then you need to ensure that they are being disposed of correctly. However, while images of luminous green ooze in barrels might be the first thing that springs to mind, hazardous waste can also refer to household items such as batteries, motor oil, computers, and cleaning chemicals.

A Guide to RCRA Training

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RCRA training is one of the most important aspects of being compliant. And lack of it is also among the most frequent causes of citations for noncompliance. The requirements for RCRA training are often state-specific, and documentation and proper coverage are particularly important. Training also affects employees differently depending on their job role.

Hazardous Waste Disposal – Where Does It Go and Who Handles It?

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‘Hazardous waste’ calls to mind glowing tubs of nuclear or biological residues. But in fact, every household and most businesses will generate some hazardous waste. This could be used lightbulbs or old batteries, residues from auto engine maintenance — or large quantities of sludges left over from complex chemical manufacturing, and everything in between. It all needs to be disposed of...

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