Announcing Wastebits Adjustable Reports

Announcing Wastebits Adjustable Reports

The Wastebits Dashboard has long been the home of some light reporting features, giving businesses an at-a-glance view of their waste activity. This is the first screen that many users see when they log into Wastebits, and several iterations over the years have made this entry screen a very useful page to launch from to complete various tasks. 

The Wastebits DashboardThe Wastebits Dashboard, Enabled for All

However, some users might need the ability to generate, download, and print specific reports for activity over time. To solve this need we've created a new optional section called Reports

To enable Reports, a member of your team must reach out to Sales to discuss the types of reports that will be needed, and discuss the implementation requirements. 

reportsWastebits Reports Example Screenshot

Here are some examples of reports that have been enabled for users of Wastebits:

  • Year Trends Report
  • Month Trends Report
  • Users Created for a Specific Site
  • Users Created across the Organization
  • Sites Created within the Organization
  • Companies Created within the Organization

Because Wastebits is built upon a robust API, creating reports can be as powerful or as customizable as needed. Here are some features and controls given for reports:

  • Filter by Company/Site
  • Ability to set the Date Parameters
  • Multiple Graphing Options (bar, line, pie, etc.)
  • Export to CSV or PDF
  • View past report runs and results
  • View report history (who has run what report)
  • Customizable data pull from any part of a waste stream, manifest, shipping document, or user interface (company, site, user)

Reporting is a powerful new feature that unlocks a deeper level of insight and business intelligence. 

Interested in Learning More?

If you are interested in learning more about Wastebits Reporting, reach out to sales with a message or request a demo to go over options.